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D3 API Reference D3 Tutorial by Scott Murray (highly recommended! - Required D3 textbook is based on this.) D3 on Stack Overflow D3.js Google Group Mike Bostock’s site D3.js Gallery Mike Bostock on bl.ocks.org Jérôme Cukier and Scott Murray’s D3 tutorial at the Strata Conference D3 For Mere Mortals Mike Bostock’s D3 Tutorial Vadim’s Lecture Slides, D3 Jerome Cukier’s D3 Cheat Sheet FlowingData D3 Tips D3, Conceptually D3 Tutorial Videos by Ian Johnson - Vol I D3 Tutorial Videos by Ian Johnson - Vol II D3 Tips and Tricks TopoJson D3 Gallery

Web Development

Enabling Web Developer Extensions in the Browser Eloquent Javascript Book Mozilla Developer Network DevDocs - Unified documentation on all web technologies Dive Into HTML5 - Homepage Dive Into HTML5 - Canvas


Official git command line and GUI clients, official documentation


GitHub Client for Mac GitHub Client for Windows SourceTree for Mac and Windows TortoiseGit for Windows

Tutorials etc.

Setting up git Understanding git conceptually

Data Sources

Wolfram Alpha Quandl Datamob Factual Metro Boston Data Common Census.gov Data.gov Dataverse Network Infochimps Linked Data Guardian DataBlog Data Market Reddit Open Data Climate Data Sources Climate Station Records CDC Data World Bank Catalog Free SVG Maps UK Office for National Statistics StateMaster

Web Sites & Blogs

eagereyes Gapminder Flowing Data Perceptual Edge Information Aesthetics Visual Complexity

Exploratory Data Analysis

These tools help you to get an idea about the shape and properties of datasets and let you produce good (standard) plots.


Online Help Quick Start Guides Knowledge Base Training and Tutorials Tableau Public Gallery


Plot.ly Wolfram Mathematica Many Eyes


Python is great for data analysis and for data scraping.

Python Enthought Python Distribution The Python Tutorial Learn Python the Hard Way Google’s Python Class IPython The Python Package Index SciPy NumPy Matplotlib

Pattern - a data scraping library Beautiful Soup - the “mother” scraping library

Other Software Toolkits

Plot.ly Wolfram Mathematica Protovis (JavaScript) Prefuse (Java) Flare (ActionScript) Piccolo (Java / C#) Microsoft Vedea 25 Tools 75+ Tools


Processing main page Learning Processing OpenProcessing.org Examples by Ben Fry Using Processing in Eclipse