This is a paragraph!

We can break a line in a paragraph with a self-closing
br tag.

Utah Logo Include an image. The src attribute defines a link to the image, the alt attribute is used to provide a short description to the image. Headers are defined with h1-h6 tags:


A second level header

Provides header structure to your text. h1 is the most important heading, h2 is less important, etc.


  1. Elements in
  2. an ordered
  3. list


Here is a table:
Column 1 header Column 2 header
Cell 1 Cell 2

Structuring HTML

div tags are a division of a page, which are
often used to provide structure to HTML. divs are block elements, i.e., they break lines.
span is similar to div, but works as an inline element, i.e., it can be used in the same line.


Forms consist of an enclosing form tag and may contain input, textarea and other tags.